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                "The preparation of building materials industry, engineering, survey, or the technical standard
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                "The preparation of building materials industry, engineering, survey, or the technical standards and norms
                And standard system of work conference "held in Beijing

                            Construction Association, China Building Material October 16, 2009 "organized by the preparation of building materials industry, engineering, survey, or the technical standards and norms and standard system work conference" held in Beijing successfully. Association for Persons in charge of red to the meeting and addressed the China Building Materials Industry, deputy director of Geological Survey, the total work on behalf of National Materials Group Vice President CHEN Zheng-guo Li Jianlun participate in the meeting and delivered a speech, he said that the association can give full play role as a link to actively promote the building materials standardization of the construction industry, construction work, and organization to carry out engineering survey of the preparation of standard specifications of great significance. Sinoma Engineering Survey System from the 21 units of 26 representatives attended the meeting, deputy secretary general of the Association, Sun Yu-Xin chaired the meeting.

                           Conference invited the national building materials industry-standard fixed terminals Shi Jing Lin vice station for "construction standards-based knowledge" and "construction materials industry standard system," carried out a detailed lectures and Publicizing, particularly in the basic concepts of engineering construction standards, development principles, to develop procedures and standards to manage the responsibilities of agencies have done a clear introduction and explanation, for further preparation has laid a good foundation. Corps Captain Chen-Pin Chou, vice president of Zhejiang and Beijing Geological Engineering Company Mr Ho Sai-ming of their respective standardization in the enterprise as well as participation in the preparation of local standards obtained in the course of the experience and results, and they think that this should be the preparation of the characteristics of the industry and highlights, To highlight the development of the industry reflected in the forward-looking and innovative, we must adhere to the traditional but also fill in the blanks, so that standardization work on a sustainable development path.

                              Delegates at the active and serious heated discussion, unanimously expressed its full support, which is a major event in industry, in order to really promote the building materials industry, engineering survey to contribute to overall development of enterprises.
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