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                Construction Association, China Building Materials in 1989 and preparation,
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                            Construction Association, China Building Materials in 1989 and preparation, February 25, 1989 National Building Materials Bureau to (89) Building Material Association Man No. 58, the words "on Construction Materials Association agreed to set up" instruction agreed to set up; the same year, April 1 China Building Materials Industry Association with [1989] No. 4, the word timber Society approval, agreed that "construction of the Association changed its name to" China Building Material Industry Association, Association of Engineering Construction "; August 8, 1991 General Assembly unanimously adopted by the membership, the establishment of" China Building Material Construction Society. " January 10, 1992 registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, presented the national associations, code-named 50000856-X Certificate of Registration of the People's Republic of society. " Registration No. for Agency Certificate Zi No. 4201.

                            Association of the existing 120 corporate members from the Chinese building materials construction survey, design, construction, decoration, new building materials and other enterprises and institutions to voluntarily form, approved by the State the status of a corporation aggregate national trade organization. Member units of geological engineering exploration and 32, building materials and design institute 32, the construction unit 56, Class A (a) Enterprise 28, B (2) Enterprise 36, the business scope of member units of geological engineering survey and design , large-scale cement plant design, installation and construction of highway projects, bridge construction, decoration design and construction of water and so on. 

                           Association aims to uphold the party's four cardinal principles and reform and opening up the basic line of taking economic construction as the center, follow the building materials industry, "from a big strong, relying on a strong new" approach to development, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member companies, for government departments, and members make a two-way services; actively implement the Party and the government's line, principles and policies, called on member units to abide by state laws, regulations and social ethics to promote the building materials industry in the development of construction projects.

                          Association's business scope is the member units and government departments to play the role of bridge and link. Reflect the aspirations and demands of member units, and implement relevant national building materials industry construction guidelines and policies to assist the Government in charge of departments of industrial engineering, building materials industry management; research engineering construction technical and economic policies and industry standards, preparation of survey, design, construction, decoration , new materials, technical specifications, completion of construction materials construction field development planning formulation; research and introduction of domestic and international engineering construction management, technology management, engineering, project management experience, to carry out targeted training for workers; to carry out construction projects , design and construction, decoration, new materials and other aspects of industrial management, participatory government and relevant departments to carry out selection of outstanding entrepreneurs and engineering excellence Luban's selection and other activities; organizations, editing and publishing a newsletter, organizing industry-related books and documents and technical economic information, exhibitions, exchange of scientific and technological achievements, recreational and other beneficial member of the other activities.

                            Association Since its inception, actively carry out the work and organize a number of concepts will be appraised awards activities, carried out the construction project manager training and qualification work for the enterprises to train a group of professionals needed by the enterprise at home. To enhance the cohesion of the Association, but also this has been a great development. At present the Association's ability to carry out two-way service is growing. Members of units from the original 73 developed 120. At present the Association is working to improve the quality of their own efforts, be prepared to better service to gain the trust of the general membership units.

                            Association Since its inception, the emphasis on self-organization of the building of a sound organization, equipped with a full-time staff. The Association has five professional committees, respectively, anchored in the five key enterprises and institutions:

                1, Engineering Survey Committee

                Anchored in the Geological Survey of China Building Materials Center;

                2, Engineering Professional Committee

                Anchored in Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute;

                3, the construction professional committees

                Anchored in China's Building Materials Construction Corporation;

                4, Computer Science Committee

                Anchored Bengbu Glass Industry Design & Research Institute;

                5, Quality Management System Certification Bodies

                      Anchored in Suzhou Non-metallic Minerals Industry Design Institute. 

                      Association honorary president of the office Puzhai Deputy Minister of the Department of the original material; Association President Joe Xue Department of the China Building Materials Construction Corporation, general manager; Vice President Zeng Xuemin (Department of the former State Building Materials Bureau, Deputy Director), etc. 10 people; Association, the Secretary-General Zhuo Wen ; Deputy Secretary-General 4.

                      Association of the daily offices of the Secretariat. Set up offices, editorial, engineering, consulting department, the Association Liaison Department is responsible for day to day management.

                Tel :62217474,62219970-421, 62267848,62267845. 

                     Association Web site: China Building Materials Construction Association Web Site 

                     Domain name is: china.ceb.com
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